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Spotify is amazing. If you don’t have it yet, please get it and pay, at most, $5 a month to support the artists that give you millions of hours of content. On the long list of reasons of why Spotify is better than any other service is the related artists section of an artist’s profile.

I was looking at the Nu Luxx profile and came across an angry looking robot and the profile of 5Haus (pronounced Fifth House).
I couldn’t find out much about the artist besides a single-page website and a Facebook, but the artist’s only song on Spotify had a bit over 100,00 plays. The track, Shapeshifting, instantly reminded me of Black Gummy or Rezz. While I can’t find the exact words to describe the song... futuristic, robotic, dark, all come to mind when hearing it.

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I knew I wasn’t mistaken after I played the track on the office Sonos and one of my coworkers asked, “is that the new Rezz?”
When I looked at 5Haus’ profile the next day, I saw they had just dropped a new 3-track EP. I decided to reach out via Facebook to find out who was behind these mysterious tracks and see if Reso could help promote in any way.
5Haus is a pretty chill guy. He currently lives in Argentina and works as an app developer. He’s close to the same age as me and has a familiar dream of spreading unique music around the world. We got to communicate through different translators and despite there being a language barrier, I heard a lot of familiar motivators and hobbies. We would love to book him when we start doing shows in South America (hopefully with Paranormal Attack as the headliner too.... we’re dreamers here). 

Reso gets to know the mind behind “Unfixed”

Paul: So I caught your release yesterday and personally I think its great stuff.
5Haus: Hey Paul! Thank you bro, I hope more people will listen to it.

Paul: We will be happy to promote it via the Resollective website and share more info about the mind behind it. 


5Haus: Oh bro, that would be a huge help. I really appreciate your help. Btw, links to socials on your website aren’t working you have to put https:// on them.

Paul: 😣Ill fix those asap, but lets get started, where are you from?
5Haus: I’m from Argentina, thinking of moving this year. I don’t know where to, but Europe maybe.
Paul: Ah that’s awesome! I was lucky enough to go to Brazil this year, and Argentina is on my list.
5Haus: You definitely have to come and visit the Patagonia, south of Argentina, it is beautiful. There are a lot of nice places here but foreigners love the south.
Paul: Ha, when I was in Brazil since I have blue eyes and am really white, people would try to speak Spanish to me because they thought I was Argentinian!
5Haus: Haha I was shiny bright white rofl… I am mean am.  I’ve also been to Brazil three times, I like it but when I visited Europe last year I was like “I have to move, right now” lol.
Paul: Oh I know the feeling.
5Haus: You know, the about description on your website is superb. It’s really catchy I like how you put your words telling people that you want to help artists to be heard.
Paul: Ah thanks I really appreciate it. I got the idea for my company after watching this Simon Sinek Ted Talk.
5Haus: Oh yeah, TED talks I watch a lot of them.
Paul: I’ve learned more from Ted talks than from my American college haha
5Haus: Haha true story
Paul: Haha you know, I’m playing Unfixed at my office and one of my coworkers goes "yo thats dope! is that the new Rezz?”
5Haus: Lol I hope to be on festivals like Rezz.
Paul: Ah we just had a festival in California called 'The Untz". I think your music would have been a great fit for it.
5Haus: Ah nice, I’ll have to give some of the artists a listen.
Paul: So your sounds are kind of like Rezz and Black Gummy. I want to hear more about you, why you chose that music, and the creative process.
5Haus: I don't really have a music theory background, I think just like a good ear and taste for some people that like the same kind of sounds like me. I love almost all kinds of electronic music. Some trance, electro, deep house, techno, glitch hop. I don't care that much about the tempo and always keeping on the same line, I mean, for example I heard some people on trance festivals that they are like "trance is the best and all the other sort of electronic music are trash, if you like the others is because you didn't grow up your ear yet"
and I was like "WTF dude, there are tons of good pieces of music, not only trance but electronic too"
Paul: hahaha what?! I know those people too!
5Haus: About my music, I can describe it in some keywords I like my music to be explosive, aggressive, dark, but I also like to give it some room for mysterious melodies.
Paul: I hear it too, the "dark" energy. what makes you want to make dark sounding music? I picture evil robots when I hear it, I love it.
5Haus: Well, my logo it's an angry robot. At first, I thought it would be good to put like futuristic things, like a robot or an alien. About the "dark" thing I think it's just because I like it. It doesn't have anything under the hood, I like dark fat synths BUT obviously, there are some exceptions. I mean there are some synths used for dubstep that aren't my type.
Paul: What do you think of Zeds Dead?
5Haus: Well, not a 10/10 for me, I mean, it's cool but I'd prefer others.
Paul: How are the shows in Argentina? Who is big down there? I saw Alesso, Paranormal Attack, and Vintage Culture when I was in Brazil.
5Haus: Well, I don’t attend a lot of shows, just a couple of them. Mainly trance and techno.
I prefer trance and I always listen to trance when I run. I love running too. I'm a systems information engineer and I started making music in November 2017. After a month of learning with Ableton, I released my first single called Shapeshifting that now has over 100k streams on Spotify and YouTube. I think I have a good ramp up because of a video that I uploaded to YouTube where Deadmau5 reacted to my first song. To your previous question, I like Armin Van Buuren, Bryan Kearney, Astrix, Sneijder, Javier Bussola.

Paul: Ah! We just had Armin play in San Francisco.
5Haus: Nice! I'd love to go to more shows, but I think here in Argentina there isn't too much.
Paul: We just got to get you booked for Ultra and EDC then.
5Haus: Ha, my brother bought a DDJ-SB2 and I DJ sometimes but I think for now I prefer to produce music. I think I have to practice with the newer equipment. My plan for the future would be producing and DJing. if I get a club proposal or something like that.
Paul: Ah, I know how it goes. I have a 9-5 but it’s my hope to create communities around the world that promote art, mindfulness, and have live shows so you keep making dope music and I’ll keep trying to build that.
5Haus: That's great!  I'm planning to move from Argentina. I think I have more options to grow as a professional, and also as an artist/DJ.
Paul: Go to Miami, the best place in the world.
5Haus: I need a work visa to live in another country, so I have to find a job first. Then if my career as artist starts to giving me credits, I mean, if I earn money with it I'll definitely quit my job and apply for an artist visa or whatever. I don't know if that even exists to live in another country long life term but would be awesome lol.
Paul: I know how you feel. I want there to be monthly Resollective shows in cities around the world, so artists can make a living just traveling city to city playing shows. I want us all to be like a family so we hang out and collaborate when we travel.
5Haus: That would be awesome too  I was thinking about moving to Europe, I've been traveling for a month the last year and the place that I've liked most was Barcelona.
Paul: Nice! I’d love to travel there but I think Thailand is next, flights are only 560$. Also looking at Amsterdam.
5Haus: Yeah, it's one of the cheapest and Amsterdam is one of the most expensive cities to stay
30% over the other hotels in Europe. I have a question, do you work for Resollective and also for another company that it's related to cryptocurrencies?
Paul: Resollective is the label I started and yes I work at a crypto startup as well. I’ve spoken with a ton of wallets that are big in Argentina.
5Haus: Oh, in Argentina? Is it because Argentina is cheap, isn't it? AR$ 27 = U$S 1
Paul: I think most companies are hesitant to go into Argentina because its “too risky.” Do you do anything in crypto?
5Haus: No, I work as a mobile developer using C# and Xamarin to build cross-platform apps for android, ios and windows. Also, I'm interested in making music and hopefully find a way to live from it as every artist would love to do… but... maybe I can send some resumes to San Francisco, just try...
Paul: DO IT! Haha, we would love to have you up here.
5Haus: Well, maybe, but I don't speak English very well so it could be difficult to find a job I think...
Paul: Haha well lets start with the album first. Thanks for letting us know the process about behind it. Personally, I love it and we will share it up here. If any of our artists play it live, I’ll be sure to send you some video.
5Haus: Thanks :)
There you have it. Sometimes its not some crazy person behind dark sounding tracks. Sometimes it’s a chill Argentinian that loves listening to trance, running, and making dark robot noises.
To 5Haus, thanks for the interview! To the rest, we hope you enjoy the album!


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