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Resollective is an artist management, promotions, event production company, label, and lifestyle brand. We've started to gain quite a bit of momentum thanks to the shows we've been throwing in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Arizona, and even though we are firmly entrenched in the ever-growing dance music culture, our mission is not just to put on shows or release music. 
Our mission is to showcase the unique
We've recently made a couple changes to our company (notice the new website?) in order stay true to our original mission. There is a history behind us and to understand where we are going, its important to know where we've come from.

How’d we get here?

Our community didn’t start yesterday. The other co-founder Matt and I have put in countless hours the last two years in order to build something that can give back to the creative world. Our lives had been changed by raving and we've been lucky enough to build a team that is just as passionate for creating amazing experiences for other people. 

Reso 1.0

Matt and I moved back to San Francisco together after we finished college and had the desire to something, anything in music. We had both been firmly entrenched in rave culture for years. With the amount of happiness it had brought both of us, we knew we wanted to get involved.

Matt and I circa 2010. Best part of every week was shirtless headbanging at EPR

Matt had been a DJ for almost 6 years at that point and I had experience promoting shows in Miami. After countless hours of deliberation and chain-smoking joints, we decided that we would keep our spectrum broad and say that Resollective’s main goal is to “showcase the unique.” We decided we would do anything to help artists and creative entrepreneurs grow and develop and that we would start throwing raves to help the large network of DJs that we knew.

We were lucky enough to get a gig promoting and booking acts for a New Years Eve event at Ruby Skye in San Francisco for our first project. Ruby Skye closed before we could do another event. The experience, however, was invaluable, and we got our next big break when we got the opportunity to promote for Swatopia Music Festival in Mexico. Reso in Mexico was 3 days of insanity. I can't even write what happened. Resollective in Mexico was the most insane experience of my life. Seriously, I had to tell myself that things I was witnessing were real. People were having sex in public during our DJ sets, crazy mosh pits, alcohol sprayed everywhere, Matt and I getting our own artist penthouse... the whole experience can all be summed up with what Matt told me after he got off stage playing in front of 4000 people: "I can never have a regular job ever again"


Reso 2.0

When we got back from Mexico, we wanted to shift the momentum we had gained from promoting into throwing our own events. We didn’t have our Ruby Skye connection anymore but we were able to secure 2 rooms above a pizza restaurant for our first official show. While it may not have been as glamorous as Ruby Skye, it was a big milestone to throw a show in a venue we used to go to when we were younger.

Our First Show @ DNA Lounge SF

 After getting our first full Resollective production under our belt, we shot for the top immediately, getting to throw shows at venues we dreamed of performing at like Halcyon and Love & Propaganda. 


As if planning a show at Love and Prop couldn't have been crazy enough, along the way we got in contact with Vu, aka Mango. He found us online and wanted to help us bring Resollective to Southern California. Matt and I had never met this person, and we all planned a complete show through a mutual desire to bring that a special experience to people. Matt, M3RC, BrutT3k and I road tripped to Pomona and threw an insane show the day we met Vu.

(Though the only thing the Reso team will remember was M3RC throwing his breakfast gravy at me at Denny’s the morning of the show)


After our first show in LA, Matt and I knew that Resollective had become something special. Our dream came true, someone saw our vision, was touched by it, and was inspired to throw their own show. They wanted to showcase the unique and we enabled them to do so!

Having people reach out to us to participate in our cause affirmed that we are on the right path. We've since had Resollective productions in 3 cities and 2 states, working with world-class venues like Temple SF, the Fox Pomona, and Shady Park Tempe along the way, in addition to starting to book headliners through international talent agencies. Through it all though, Matt and I still feel like we need to up the bar for ourselves. Which is why we are proud to present Reso 3.0 and the direction we are taking our company next.



Reso 3.0

So we've been around for a while now. You know that we love being creative and creating experiences for people. We've found that finally worked up the experience to offer real value to the community. 



We are going to continue to throw events but we are going to book headliners that the local communities are hoping to see and increasing our production. 

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 Video from our promotion featuring Antiserum

Artist Roster

Resollective is an open community that anyone can join. We've had tremendous success and support because we never defined rules, genres, or guidelines. We simply want to help people lives their dreams. We will continue to support everyone and have decided to create a spotlight to showcase artists we beleive the world should see. 


We've never thought of ourselves as just musicians. We are a brand that appeals to anyone that knows the power of the mind. Our message is that anyone can turn their thoughts into reality and we are only limited by the power of our imagination. With every product, we hope to inspire those to follow their artistic visions. 


Resollective was created to showcase the unique. The newsfeed on our website will allow the world to plug into our various genres; as well as get exposure to the culture, style, and fashion that is our community.

We are truly appreciative of all of our support we have gotten so far and are just committed to creating amazing content you will love as we are to throwing amazing live events. Join the Resollective Family. Sign up to our email list for exclusive ticket giveaways, special offers on merchandise, early access to exclusive premieres, and stay informed.

Welcome to OUR UNIVERSE 

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